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When Development of
a Clinical Trial
Management System

from scratch is

Top-class data security

With a platform-based CTMS, your data is stored on servers you never have access to. Data export is held manually on-demand that may cause a data breach. Does that work for you?
You are a customer. Therefore, you have the right to control your data. By developing a custom clinical trial software with Mobian, you get transparent data management from the get-go: you are the one who makes up the technical requirements of data flow, processing, and storage in contrast to ready-made applications that are closed systems.

Incredible flexibility

Having the most complete feature set is not enough. It must meet your organization’s needs. To reach the fitting flexibility in performance and maintenance, we build proprietary systems.
SaaS modification is full of pains when it comes to meeting someone’s unique needs. You do not have to keep off new features releases with platform vendors and wait for a final word from product managers. Suggestions are taken seriously turning into features. With Mobian, you decide on which functionality and when it will go live.

Configuration that matters

Each trial is conducted by collecting unique parameters. SaaS CTMS systems often contain unified forms, which complicates research management. How to deal with that?
You can rely on our experience in the custom development of electronic CRFs to facilitate and simplify patient data collection. You create your own complete list of health parameters, which will expand if necessary, and we implement it so that your data collectors only need to tick off the obtained during the study and receive a report in a form convenient for you.

Getting over vendor lock-in

SaaS solution integration is less resource-consuming than getting CTMS software from scratch. But what we have behind “quick connection”: permanent dependency on the vendor.
Mobian can transform your lengthy, rigorous, and expensive investigations. Possessing your own management solution, you don’t need to overpay for new SaaS instances for each new trial as your competitors still do. Standalone CTMS allows taking your drug trial campaigns across countries and timely adapting clinical trial practices under regulatory requirements.

Compliant integrations only

Commercially available SaaS platforms provide integrations, but it doesn't mean your ERP or CRM is on the list and compatible. Are you ready to pay off for nonexistent functionality?
Designing CTMS solutions from the ground up allows you to get integrations with existing operation management solutions in the right way. The value delivered lies in a seamless EMR connection and billing compliance, avoidance of any interruption in workflow, smooth data transitions, and reducing the research staff’s workload without double data entry.

Scale-up and down

SaaS providers promise fast scale-ups for data management on-demand. In truth, such changes have to be applied to all clients. That’s why providers reluctantly go for it.
Pharmaceutical, biotechnical, or medical device companies can request to develop and store additional attributes specific to the company’s needs. Setting up a proprietary CTMS allows you to extend or narrow the volume of processing data for better trial oversight and management whenever it is required. Flexible scale-up and down without taking on risk is what you get with Mobian.

Make the future together

What you get with us

The timely makeover makes a business competitive.

Long-term partnership

Over 90% of our customers stay with us for more than one year. We normally start with the most critical feature set and continue to lead the app development enhancing clinical trial management software with response to changes in the world of drug development.

TOP-5* Upwork Rated

Our clients recognized us as the first-class team of clinical study enterprise platform software developers. We do it with concentration and commitment inherent to your process style. We believe being on the same wavelength makes outcomes better.

High level of services contentment

Over 90% of our customers stay with us for more than one year. We normally start with the most critical feature set and continue to lead the app development enhancing clinical trial management software with response to changes in the world of drug development.

The best technology for CTMS systems

Thousands of researchers use our software to manage interventional studies. We deliver technologically feasible and future-proof software solutions that are helpful for your intensive study needs. No more paper. Under strict rules.

Field experience with a good headway

If your existing integrations and business processes are based on the limitations, we will snatch you from legacy systems. Your CTMS wouldn’t be the first in our portfolio. We have extensive experience in healthcare: Telemedicine, Remote Patient Monitoring, Distributed Clinical Trials.

Regulatory compliant software

Mobian pays special attention to sensitive data. Clinical trial management solutions that provide researchers and the covered entity with the tools to comply with HIPAA regulations and safety databases compliant with Title 21 CFR Part 11 are what our customers get.

What is a CTMS system in a nutshell?


Leads to faster FDA approvals
in comparison to traditional
isolated systems


A management enabler
for 94% of
interventional studies
held worldwide


Decision-supporting engine for any
of 365 thousand registered clinical
studies trials



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HealthCare app

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