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Personalization of doctor-patient experience

Care for personal health is way more personal than retail or banking experience. Why do the most essential things have to be put aside in terms of delivering an individual approach to them? Mobile apps are a natural way in the conditions of global digitization to meet the expectations of both patients and healthcare providers. As 92% of health executives prioritize delivering a personalized experience over other services, which definitely will result in the best results. You can address the healthcare mobile application developers at Mobian to help build individual and convenient services with iOS and Android apps.

Documents management systems (EHR/EMR)

Delivering patient care through a legacy approach seems tough because collecting, storing, and making available clinical data requires a prompt response and accuracy than ever before.
More advantageous for practices are EHR/EMR systems that contain the medical and treatment history of the patients. Definitely, sharing patients’ electronically documented records among healthcare providers immediately moves traditional healthcare delivery to essential and productive. You can hire niche mobile medical app developers to make the mobile client for your management systems in iPhone, iPad, and Android which will enhance provider efforts and positively influence the outcomes for consumers.

Integration with wearables and IoT devices

Being in the dark about what’s happening to you is considered a bad form in the era since technology became an enabler of self-tracking health indicators: over 80% of consumers are willing to wear fitness technology.
1.1 billion connected wearable devices are fast approaching. Fitness trackers, wristbands, and wearable ECG monitors, the most demanded forms, provide users with health advice by syncing to smartphone apps forcing them to engage with their own health, as noticed by 75% of users. A healthcare mobile app development company can assist healthcare providers, insurers, and employers in influencing people's healthy lifestyles and paving the way towards transforming healthcare approaches with apps for wearables for the Internet of Medical Things sector.

Instant messaging alternates paging

Total absence or antiquated communication systems force health workers to find a way out by using mobile apps of general-purpose on the BYOD devices to allow for quicker treatment. The healthcare industry thirsts for solutions for permanent remote communication.
Healthcare practitioners communicate with each other on a patient's treatment progress and completion, share specific patient information, etc. via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Vibe, and others. Purpose-intended instant messaging allows medics to cope with crowded practices enabling faster service provision by sharing information such as prescriptions, treatment schedules, X-Rays and lab results, follow-up appointments. With Mobian medical app developers, healthcare facilities can adopt secure messaging channels equipped with audio and video features and compliant with HIPAA and GDPR regulations to improve the continuity of care during acute settings and in regular services provision.

Integrity of sensitive data

Keeping data integrity in the doctor-patient communication or among clinicians is vital for emergency cases in particular. But every blessing has a curse. The data on patients' health can be transmitted corrupted or incomplete, which can cost life, litigation, and loss of reputation.
Although 95% of the global population lives in an area covered by a mobile cellular network, there is always some contingency with network connectivity malfunctions. Since medical data is classified as sensitive and must be transmitted according to special rules, delayed data synchronization is the way out. Mobian, a medical application development company, provides mobile solutions for remote clinics and sites from the most isolated regions operating with real-time data transfer in locations with poor or no network connectivity limitations. Our task is to save people's lives by keeping data integrity.

Mobile presence of web healthcare systems

Suppose you are adopting digital solutions systematically and sequentially for your healthcare organization. But you get stuck on providing the best caring solutions for the patients anyway. What are the shortcomings there?
A paperless digital management system for hospitals is valuable by keeping up with the times. However, in 2022 and ahead, mobile presence is becoming vital in the context of instantaneous collaboration between patient and doctor, employees, and hassle-free management with separate departments. Also, mobile apps are found to be influential in improving decision-making in medical practice, which is central to health policy. Benefits associated with a medical mobile app development company are improved immediacy, accuracy, and accessibility of medical information. Mobian is ready to contribute to transforming the face of health service delivery by supporting the achievement of your organization's objectives.

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From the beginning on the same page about everything. That is our principle that proves why over 90% of our customers are ready to cooperate with us over the year and further by extending the package of services. The mobile app can be the first tool of automation in your strategy or compliment the web presence of the enterprise. Whatever it is we aim to sell in one ship with you to accelerate time-to-market.

Get TOP-5* healthcare app developers

Our work speaks for itself. A team with high recognition in Upwork rating for the development of telehealth software for hospitals and healthcare providers. Partnering with Mobian, you are certainly getting developers experienced in full integration with the customer's core team and work in its infrastructure and on its terms.

Ensuring telecare services responsibly

Scrupulousness of caring is inherited by implementers' way or another. Thorough discovery, recording expectations and solution implementation with a focus on your care business strategy is the manner you'll be served with Mobian. Projects we made streamlined patient-practitioner communication, which is evidence of honoring commitments that led to 100% of client retention with delivered mission-critical software.

Sound techniques for mHealth

The medical apps segment dominates the market with a share of 70.7% calling for medical app development services to create affirmative outcomes. Besides proven technology behind, it requires integrations with third parties such as Google Fit, Apple Health and with hardware devices via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi to get a quality product that fits the purpose of doctors and patients. Mobian covers almost digital medical demand.

Dominated app solutions from medical developers

Custom mobile health solutions are on the top among released applications since COVID-19 surpassing 50, 000. Mobian won’t be aside by contributing healthcare solutions for clinics, laboratories, and telehealth needs. Our field experience in healthcare covers Clinical Trial Management Systems, remote patient monitoring and tracking, extending medical web services with a mobile presence.

Consistent privacy practices in mHealth apps

Mobile health apps have the potential to improve access to real-time healthcare monitoring. Enforcement of privacy standards is based on our understanding of HIPAA-compliant data storage systems design and following GDPR, FDA, and other weighty compliance guidelines of protecting sensitive patient health information from being disclosed. With Mobian you are guaranteed to get mobile applications with security for data on a high level.

Healthcare app development services

Everyone is in the world now resolving issues through mobile applications. The issues related to receiving medical care and health are not the exception, as the figures show.


of physicians see mobile
applications as enablers of
patient health improvement


The global mHealth
market is approaching
$189 billion by 2025

350, 000+

mHealth apps are available in
popular app stores

Cases studies

Medical findings visual documentation


Wounds measurement


Online Doctor

Doctor Raksa


Tech stack:

Android SDK, MVP, Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, GIT, OS Windows 10, Mac OS, Jira, Confluence

Has anyone ever dreamt of being understood without saying a word to the doctor? For example, a human has got hurt, and instead of ambiguous explanations, they can picture it, and the app will send wound measurements to the hospital.

Mobian made it possible with a mobile healthcare app aimed at visually documenting medical findings. Healthcare practitioners are able to use solutions to define a diagnosis by capturing and archiving a series of photos and videos. All media files are securely stored in the medical archive of the hospital (PACS) with access to the patient‘s medical record. The app enables remote team collaboration by sharing and asking for second opinions. Practitioners can track patient recovery, export and share reports in a PDF format..

This mHealth solution is positioned as a Class I Medical Product following HIPAA standards in terms of data storing and manipulation. It is developed ready for seamless enterprise adoption. It is easily integrated into the EMR, user management by LDAP.


Tech stack:

Android SDK, Android Studio, MVP, Java, OS Windows 7

Timely wound treatment reduces the risk of chronic wounds development. Mobian helped make evidence-based care better by providing healthcare mobile app development services.

The application is designed as a diagnostic support tool for transient usage for wounds, specimens, dermatological lesions measuring. As the top-class enterprise solution, the app helps healthcare practitioners and hospitals improve patient care by documenting and tracking follow-up examinations during treatment and reaction time that typically is a long-term span.

A particular marker for calibration takes a picture of a wound or a specimen. Users can encircle the area of interest on the image, figure out its length, width, area, and circumference with their Android device. The healing progress tracked on the image-centered wound timeline integrated into the clinical digital planimetry enables practitioners from different departments to collaborate on an individual case.

Doctor Raksa

Tech stack:

Android SDK, Android Studio, MVP, Kotlin, Mac OS

Why can’t patients be treated at the comfort of their own homes online 24/7, get prescriptions and medicine delivery? Mobian contributed to delivering mobile presence for one of the largest and most comprehensive doctor-and-pharmacy telemedicine services in Thailand and Singapore markets. It is trusted by over 1,000,000+ users.

Online Doctor is a mobile app providing virtual doctor and pharmacist consultations, electronic medical summaries and prescriptions, e-pharmacy, prescription refills, insurance claims, and others at a reasonable price for consumers. Equipped with a text chat, audio and video conferences, the app allows patients to get consulted with doctors and be provided with appropriate treatment.

The app goes beyond traditional services introducing telecommunication, healthcare, and e-commerce capabilities. Patients can contact over 1,000 certified doctors from top hospitals in the area, order drugs for their health recovery.

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